2020 Sustainability Report

ESG Report

Sustainable Development Goals

ESG Report

We are contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our innovative products, sustainable operations and community investments.

Our research and product development, work with customers and on-the-ground efforts to meet the diverse needs across our communities collectively touch each of the 17 SDGs. However, we focus on a subset of themes, as outlined below, where we believe we have the greatest opportunity to impact change.

Our efforts also reflect the priorities captured in the Chemical Sector SDG Roadmap, an initiative led by a selection of leading chemical companies and industry associations, convened by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), to explore, articulate and help realize the potential of the chemical sector to leverage its influence and innovation to contribute to the SDG agenda.

In addition to these, we seek to have an impact in other areas where our innovation, resources and interests allow. Although we haven't set specific targets against these goals, we are proud that our work contributes to their achievement.

Below and throughout this report we share how we are creating positive impact across the SDGs.

Serve as a good steward of water resources

We seek to conserve water and minimize wastewater across our entire value chain

In our operations

Reduce water intensity 20% by 2025 from a 2017 baseline.

On our path to eliminating spills, ensure that we achieve at least a 65% improvement in our spills and releases rate by 2025 from a 2017 baseline.

5% reduction in 2021 versus 2017 baseline.

30% improvement in spills in 2021 (1.28 spills and releases per 1,000 employees).

PPG's Zero Discharge Project, an initiative intended to reduce yield loss and wash water generation at our Architectural Coatings facilities in the U.S. and Canada, delivered more than $2 million in savings while reusing more than 1.7 million gallons of wash water.

With our partners

As part of our goal to reach 40% of sales from sustainably advantaged products by 2025, offer products that enable our customers to:

  • Use less water in their operations; and
  • Improve the useful life of pipes and wastewater infrastructure.

38% of sales came from sustainably advantaged products in 2021, including several focused on reduction of water use.

In 2021, PPG significantly expanded its coating solutions for wastewater facilities with an innovative portfolio for a range of processes, including collections, primary and secondary treatment, sludge handling and disinfection.

Reduce energy intensity and use

We are committed to reducing energy use across our entire value chain, from our operations to those of our customers

In our operations

Reduce energy consumption intensity by 15% by 2025 from a 2017 baseline.

Increase renewable energy to 25% of total electricity usage exclusive of greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions by 2025.

0.5% reduction in energy intensity in 2021 versus 2017 baseline.

24% of electricity usage from renewable sources.

PPG is also working with Constellation, a leading energy solutions provider, to purchase renewable energy from the 200 MW Big Star Solar Project currently under development in Bastrop County, Texas.

With our partners

As part of our goal to reach 40% of sales from sustainably advantaged products by 2025, manufacture coatings that reduce the energy consumption of our customers.

38% of sales from sustainably advantaged products in 2021, including several focused on reduction of energy use.

For example, PPG is developing innovative coatings to protect electric vehicle batteries from thermal events while improving performance, solving a potential challenge to the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs).

Create the future of innovative coatings and products, today

We will invest in innovation and research to create breakthrough innovations that decrease energy use, reduce emissions, increase resource utilization and boost standards of living

In our operations

Define strict, consistent standards for sustainable products.

In 2021, we introduced a new two-step methodology to identify sustainably advantaged products by:

  • Systematically validating basic sustainable attributes likely to impact PPG products today and in the future; and
  • Assessing the value contribution of PPG solution towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

With our partners

Invest in new technologies and innovation to expand sustainable product portfolio, reaching 40% of sales from sustainably advantaged products by 2025.

38% of our sales came from sustainably advantaged products in 2021.

In our communities

In addition to our ongoing programs, advance racial equity in the U.S. by investing $20 million from 2020 to 2025 in educational programs to close gaps in STEM learning and careers for historically underrepresented communities.

37% of total investment completed by the end of 2021.

Through programs like the STEM Coding Lab's summer camp, CS Explorers and the Michigan Science Center's Explainer's Project, PPG partnerships sparked early interest in exploration and discovery and helped students see the connections between STEM ideas and real-life innovations and careers. The PPG Foundation also supported diverse students entering advanced, post-secondary STEM studies through partnerships with professional organizations, including the National Black MBA Association and the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).

Reduce our resource use and waste footprint

We are committed to using resources efficiently and driving sustainability throughout our entire value chain to preserve and protect the environment in which we operate.

In our operations

Reduce our global waste footprint, including:

  • 25% reduction in total waste disposal intensity by 2025 from a 2017 baseline.
  • Achieve zero landfill status from process waste at 35% of PPG manufacturing and research and development locations by 2025.

30% decline in spills and releases per 1,000 versus 2017 baseline.

Our Søborg plant in Denmark updated all Architectural Coatings product packaging from virgin plastic to post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR). The project is expected to save more than 308 metric tons of carbon annually once fully implemented in 2022.

40% of our manufacturing and R&D facilities had zero process waste to landfill, beating our target of 35% by 2025.

37.5% reduction in total waste disposal intensity.

With our partners

As part of our goal to reach 40% of sales from sustainably advantaged products by 2025, we manufacture coatings that reduce waste and support sustainable consumption, including packaging coatings that prevent food loss and waste.

38% of sales from sustainably advantaged products in 2021, including several focused on reduction of waste.

For example, our Electrocoat technology uses electrical current to deposit charged paint particles onto an oppositely charged part submerged in a water-based solution to control how much paint is deposited and reduce waste.

In addition, our PPG ERGOLUXE powder coatings are durable and more sustainable than traditional options. The unique technology offers waste-saving, first-pass transfer efficiency rates of up to 85% and the ability to reclaim and reuse overspray.

Several innovative packaging coatings are helping reduce food waste, including PPG NUTRISHIELD® coating, an industry-leading non-BPA internal beverage can spray that helps prolong shelf life and reduce food spoilage.

In our communities

We work together to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and products on our customers and in our communities.

Our commitment to reducing waste goes beyond our operations to the end user. For example:

54 million gallons (204 million liters) of paint collected since 2009 via the PAINTCARE program, which allows consumers to recycle leftover or unwanted paint. Ten states, as well as the District of Columbia, have adopted the PaintCare program, and PPG has 49 stores that act as recycling drop off sites.

100 million kilograms of paint and empty containers recycled through the non-profit ECO-PEINTURE since 2001. PPG collaborates with this program, which diverts approximately 7 million kilograms of paint per year from landfills.

9 million tons of paint and packaging waste diverted in 2021 from landfills in Australia, thanks to PAINTBACK®, of which PPG is a founding member. Paintback is an initiative designed to divert unwanted paint and packaging from ending up in landfill and vital waterways. The organization's target is to divert 90% of waste paint from landfill.

Support the transition to a low-carbon economy

We are committed to addressing climate change by reducing our GHG footprint in our operations and throughout our entire value chain.

In our operations

Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, including:

  • Reduce our GHG emissions intensity by 15% measured in total tons discharged by 2025 from a 2017 baseline.
  • Expand our visibility into Scope 3 emissions and commit to science-based targets.

9.7% reduction in GHG intensity (Scopes 1 and 2) from 2017 baseline, against our target of 15% by 2025.

16.1% reduction in absolute direct (Scopes 1) and indirect (Scope 2) GHGs from 2017 baseline.

With our partners

Invest in new products that help our customers reduce their GHG emissions and meet their carbon reduction and net zero goals.

38% of sales from sustainably advantaged products in 2021, including several focused on reduction of emissions.

PPG products, such as electrochromic windows, are helping the airline industry reduce aircraft weight and energy use to reach its goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Contribute to inclusive and sustainable economic growth

We seek to build a great place to work and contribute to healthy and resilient communities while expanding opportunities for people of all backgrounds.

In our operations

Increase diversity and inclusion, including achieving a goal of 34% to 36% representation of non-frontline global female professionals by 2025.

Protect the well-being, health and safety of our employees, including:

  • On our path to zero injuries, ensure we achieve an improvement of at least 5% per year in injury and illness rate.
  • Active wellness programs at 100% of PPG facilities globally by 2025.

27% non-frontline global female professionals as of 2021.

20+ DE&I ambassadors composed of senior leaders across all businesses and functions.

115+ employee resource network (ERN) events in 2021 globally.

4,600+ people managers and employees trained on unconscious bias across the organization since 2020.

90%+ of locations with 50 or more employees had an active wellness program.

0 fatalities in 2021.

With our partners

Serve industries, from agriculture to automotive, that are bringing new solutions and innovations to people globally.

Our packaging coatings help food and beverage manufacturers better preserve their products and expand access of canned fresh fruits and vegetables to underserved communities. Our industrial coatings also protect agricultural equipment.

In our communities

Implement PPG's community engagement framework globally by 2025.

Expand programs to strengthen communities, including investing at least $10 million by 2025 through the COLORFUL COMMUNITIES® initiative.

We seek to strengthen communities through our philanthropic and other engagement efforts.

80% facilities met requirements of the Community Engagement Framework.

$8.7MM invested total, including $1.4MM in 2021.

56 Colorful Communities projects completed in 2021 in 17 countries. Since the program's inception in 2015, we’ve completed 386 projects in 42 countries, impacting 7.4MM+ people.

500+ community partners and programs in the U.S. and internationally focused on education, social and racial equity, and community sustainability supported in 40 countries.

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