2020 Sustainability Report

ESG Report

2021 Progress and Highlights

ESG Report

Our sustainability goals focus on our key challenges and guide our actions, doing better today than yesterday

At PPG, we pride ourselves on being action oriented. We believe what gets measured gets done, which is why our sustainability goals serve as a guide for our businesses and locations to embed sustainability into their day-to-day operations and measure their progress.

Originally developed in 2012, these goals focus on key sustainability challenges. We periodically revise these goals to build upon our efforts and better represent the sustainability opportunities currently facing our business and areas of opportunity for our customers, investors, other stakeholders and our global, interconnected business community.

We last updated the goals in 2017 due to the achievement of many of our earlier goals and the changing makeup of our business portfolio following a series of divestitures and acquisitions. PPG is currently working to calculate the broad Scope 3 greenhouse gas emission sources and determine which have the most significant impact. Once defined, we will determine the actions necessary to impact a reduction in emissions as part of an overall decarbonization strategy.

Our 2025 Goals

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Sustainability Goals

Goal 2021 Progress

40% of sales from sustainably advantaged products by 2025.


25% reduction in total waste disposal intensity by 2025 from a 2017 baseline.

37.5% reduction from baseline

Achieve zero landfill status from process waste at 35% of PPG manufacturing and research and development locations by 2025.

40% of locations achieved zero landfill status

Reduce energy consumption intensity by 15% by 2025 from a 2017 baseline.

0.5% reduction from baseline

Increase renewable energy to 25% of total electricity usage exclusive of greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions by 2025.


Reduce GHG emissions intensity by 15% measured in total tons discharged by 2025 from a 2017 baseline.

9.7% reduction from baseline

On our path to eliminating spills, ensure that we achieve at least a 65% improvement in our spills and releases rate by 2025 from a 2017 baseline.

30% improvement from baseline

20% reduction in water intensity by 2025 from a 2017 baseline.

5% reduction from baseline

Zero injuries. On our path to zero injuries, ensure that we achieve an improvement of at least 5% per year in our injury and illness (I&I) rate.

Achieved an annual I&I reduction rate of 4.3% compared to the 2017 baseline

Active wellness programs at 100% of PPG facilities globally by 2025.

Approximately 90% of our locations with 50 or more employees had a wellness program in 2021

Implement the community engagement framework globally by 2025.

80% of our facilities met the framework requirements in 2021

Invest at least $10 million by 2025 through the PPG COLORFUL COMMUNITIES® initiative.

$8.7 million invested through 2021

Invest $20 million by 2025 to advance racial equity in the U.S. by funding educational pathways for Black communities and people of color.

$7.4 million invested through 2021

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