2020 Sustainability Report

ESG Report

Material Issues

ESG Report

We seek to prioritize ESG issues that offer the greatest potential to create shared value

Our mission and values, the broader impact we seek to achieve and the voices of our diverse internal and external stakeholders inform the priority topics upon which we base our ESG strategy and reporting.

The way we manage our company and the decisions that we make affect a range of stakeholders, including our customers, employees, suppliers and our communities. We regularly use information from various touchpoints with these stakeholders to inform our goals, shape our practices, and enhance our reporting.

We are in the process of updating the ESG materiality assessment of our business and will report those findings in next year's report.

Materiality Assessment

To identify significant topics and set priorities, a variety of sources and standards were used as inputs to this report:

  • Reporting standards and frameworks, including the Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI) Standards, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD);
  • Customer feedback on our sustainability performance through both formal and informal means;
  • Legal/regulatory aspects affecting the company directly or indirectly;
  • Input and feedback from direct ESG outreach meetings with investors;
  • Sustainability information that various ranking organizations use to determine PPG's performance;
  • Feedback on our prior sustainability reporting;
  • Media coverage of our company globally;
  • Engagement with our communities;
  • Insight from our senior management team; and
  • Our sustainability goals.

For more information on our stakeholders and how we engage with them, see the Stakeholder Engagement section.

The following are the priority topics that form the basis of our 2021 report. Given our continued focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as product stewardship, we added two priority topics in 2021: Diversity, equity, and inclusion, and product marketing and labeling.

Material Topics

Material Topic Boundary
Economic performance All businesses
Energy All locations
Water All locations, particularly those located in water-stressed regions of the world
Emissions All locations
Effluents and waste All locations
Health and safety All locations
Local communities All locations
Diversity, equity and inclusion All locations
Product marketing and labeling All locations
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